Meet some of the people of MEDEX Northwest – students and faculty, founders and visionaries – who have helped to forge the forward path for PAs and affect change in world of progressive and responsible healthcare delivery.

MEDEX, the Military and Becoming a PA

MEDEX Northwest and the United States Armed Forces are tied at the hip historically—all fourteen members of MEDEX’s inaugural class, Seattle Class 1 (1969), were former Vietnam-era medics or corpsmen in search of a way to put their hard-earned medical knowledge and experience to work in a civilian setting. And [...]

2021 MEDEX Northwest Student Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 MEDEX Student Scholarships. There are eight scholarship categories, each named after an individual of particular importance to the MEDEX Northwest PA program. Meet this impressive bunch of MEDEX students.

Driven By Inspiration

Since 2016, the Steven Turnipseed, PA-C Veterans Award has been given to MEDEX graduates in recognition of their service to country, class and community. Two of this year’s recipients, Robin Morris of Anchorage Class 10 and Coty Holm of Spokane Class 22, speak about what (and who) motivated them to [...]

MEDEX Northwest 2020 Graduations: The “Class of COVID-19” Shines

In early October 2020, MEDEX Northwest graduated 128 physician assistant students from across four of its campuses. After 27 months of study, these students were ready to take their place on stage, face their family and friends, and claim their degrees. Of course, the "Class of COVID-19" wound up facing [...]

MEDEX at 50

It took fifty years to get here, but MEDEX Northwest held a grand celebration to mark its golden anniversary. Alumni traveled from across the state and the country to be a part of this benchmark occasion: 2,600 PAs that all started from a small class of fourteen in 1969 right [...]

The MEDEX Champion Awards

With the 50th Anniversary Celebration, MEDEX initiated a new recognition called the MEDEX Champion Award. Its recipients are notable for the important contributions they have brought to this organization. Their vitality, vision, and commitment have left MEDEX and the entire PA profession in a far better place.

MEDEX Graduations 2019: Welcome To The Profession

In August of 2019, MEDEX Northwest graduated 125 physician assistant students across its four sites. After two years of study—one in the classroom, the last year in clinical settings across the WWAMI Region—the graduates took their place in front of friends and family to walk the stage and receive their [...]

Grace Landel, M.Ed, PA-C: 2019 MEDEX Lifetime Achievement Award

A physician assistant since 1984, Grace Landel was faculty at MEDEX Northwest for 20 years. During that time, she shepherded some 1,300 students through the program. Most notable were her efforts to bring the MEDEX PA program to Sitka, Alaska, a model that was repeated at satellite campuses in Yakima [...]

Something I Felt Passionate About Since I was a Kid

Tim Quigley, MPH, PA-C has taught behavioral medicine to MEDEX physician assistant students since 2010. Since graduating from the inaugural class of Indiana University’s PA program in 1974, he’s witnessed great opportunities for PAs in behavioral health. But his passion for this area of medicine goes deep, back to first [...]

Passing The Torch– Mother to Daughter, Feldsher to Physician Assistant

When Iryna Kylyukh crossed the stage on the University of Washington campus to receive her Master of Clinical Health Services degree as a PA, she completed a path that started in high school. But a closer look into Iryna’s family history reveals that this really began decades earlier. Her mother, [...]