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MEDEX Northwest is dedicated to preparing new Physician Assistants to provide the best possible health care for their communities. Please see our Mission, Vision and Values Statements as well as our About page for more on who we are and what we do—we hope they resonate with you and that you’ll find your “why” for joining us therein.


Faculty Hiring at MEDEX Northwest

MEDEX faculty educate and inspire our students to become excellent Physician Assistants.

Active recruitments are currently ongoing for faculty at the Anchorage, Seattle, and Kona campuses, although applications are always accepted for all campuses. 

To be considered for a faculty position, please follow the appropriate link to apply: 

Assistant Professor without Tenure (WOT), Harborview, MSE and MEDEX

Assistant Teaching Professor, Part-Time/Full-Time; MEDEX – Family Medicine

Associate Teaching Professor, Part-Time/Full-Time; MEDEX – Family Medicine

Lecturers Part-Time, Temporary, Teaching Fellows; MEDEX – Family Medicine


Staff Hiring at MEDEX Northwest

The success of the MEDEX program depends upon the staff who keep everything running day-to-day across all five campuses.

To apply for a staff position, please follow any of these links (and/or navigate to the UTemp Staffing page to apply to join their pool and be considered for temporary positions; let them know you would like to work with MEDEX):

Seattle Campus

Program Coordinator (Clinical Team)

Program Operations Manager (Didactic Team)

Research Scientist/Engineer 2

Fiscal Specialist 1

Fiscal Specialist 2