Mission, Vision, and Values Statements


MEDEX Northwest is a regional program that educates PAs in a proven tradition of excellence.

MEDEX Northwest, the University of Washington School of Medicine’s PA Program, is committed to educating experienced health personnel from diverse backgrounds to practice medicine with physician supervision. The program provides a broad, competency-based curriculum that focuses on primary care with an emphasis on underserved populations. MEDEX encourages lifelong learning to meet ever-changing healthcare needs. As a pioneer in PA education, MEDEX continues to be innovative in identifying, creating, and filling new niches for PAs as a strategy for expanding healthcare access.


MEDEX Northwest continues its core mission to educate highly capable PAs who serve the community with uncompromising commitment and compassion. MEDEX students, graduates, faculty and staff are committed to providing access to care in local and regional communities.

MEDEX is a comprehensive program that provides students with the foundational knowledge required to support strong clinical skills. With outstanding education, clinical competency, and leadership skills, MEDEX graduates continue to be in demand in the Northwest.

Graduates maintain strong connections to MEDEX Northwest by participating in outreach, admissions, and teaching activities; alumni involvement supports the continued success of the program. Graduates significantly impact the PA profession as leaders engaged in the creation of local and national health care policy.

The MEDEX community will engage in high-level research and scholarly activity. Research and scholarly work produced by MEDEX contributes to improvements in PA education, public health, healthcare policy, and patient care.


MEDEX Northwest is an organization that exemplifies professional excellence and embodies the values of respect, openness, collaboration, integrity, and trust. Together we work in service to our students, our community, and the program.

MEDEX Northwest JEDI Statement  

The MEDEX Northwest PA program prioritizes and deploys actionable strategies to address the intersections of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). We celebrate and welcome the beauty of diversity in all of its dimensions. It is our goal to develop and cultivate a destination PA program that invites diverse students, faculty, and staff to thrive, grow, and feel supported. In concert with our diversity efforts, MEDEX Northwest works to continuously dismantle systemic oppression and inequities through our ever-evolving inclusive programmatic practices and procedures. We welcome you to join us on our journey toward achieving health equity and becoming JEDI warriors in PA education, the PA profession, and within the communities we serve!  

MEDEX Northwest Anti-racism Statement and Values   

The MEDEX Northwest PA program is determined to expand its focus on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) initiatives on our quest to become an anti-racist organization.  

MEDEX Northwest assigns value to the unique person and is committed to building an anti-racist PA education community. We stand on the foundation that it is the program’s responsibility to ensure an inviting, inclusive, equitable, safe, and brave learning environment for our students, faculty, staff, and patients. In order to meet the needs of the larger society, MEDEX Northwest must provide meaningful community engagement to offer equitable access to PA education despite race and other unique descriptive contributors and lived experiences. MEDEX Northwest does not tolerate racism in any of its forms and invites our learning community to share their experiences regarding racism, as we will not ignore this pervasive societal ill.