Are you interested in becoming a preceptor for MEDEX Northwest? You can play a part by taking one of our students for a clinical year rotation. For over 45 years our program has depended on mission-driven providers like you to offer clinical opportunities and instruction to our students. We are looking for a broad group of providers to act as preceptors—MDs, DOs, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, clinical pharmacists and others. This is an opportunity to give back to your profession by investing in the future of medicine.

What are the Preceptor’s Responsibilities?

Some responsibilities vary according to the rotation, but some of the constants are:

  • supervise,
  • mentor,
  • instruct in your area of expertise,
  • evaluate the student’s performance,
  • allow the student to experience various aspects of patient care within your specialty.

Preceptor Benefits

As a preceptor for MEDEX you have access to some unique UW benefits, including the opportunity to apply for a Clinical Faculty position.  This kind of appointment will offer:

  • an email account through UW Computing & Networking,
  • access to UW Library resources (many available online),
  • educational discounts on computer merchandise at the UW Computer Center,
  • discounted membership at the UW IMA gym in Seattle.

You can apply online to become a preceptor for MEDEX by using the link above, or click here. We invite you to read the testimonials of some of our current preceptors, below, to gain a sense of what this experience could mean for you.


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services no longer requires that providers re-perform documentation offered by PA students. Please read the announcement here.