PA Program

MEDEX Northwest is a part of the University of Washington School of Medicine, which serves the states of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (the WWAMI medical education region). MEDEX has also opened a campus in Hawaii, and has an agreement with the state of Nevada. As one of the nation’s first PA* programs, MEDEX has a 50-plus-year history of recruiting, educating, and deploying second-career students with an emphasis on primary care. Since the first federal demonstration grant for MEDEX Primary Care Training in 1968, the goal of the program has consistently been to expand access to high-quality healthcare by educating second-career midlevel clinicians to join the primary care workforce.


*A message from Program Director Terry Scott: As many people may be aware, the PA profession has begun a title change from “physician assistant” to “physician associate.” It comes as no surprise that this is an extremely complex undertaking which will take many years to fully implement across the profession. As such, MEDEX is transitioning to using the term “PA” only (not “physician associate”), which applies to all staff, faculty, and students. We are working to adjust our documentation, logos, website, messaging, etc. to phase out “physician assistant” in favor of “PA.” For more information, please refer to; the FAQs are particularly helpful.