Meet some of the people of MEDEX Northwest – students and faculty, founders and visionaries – who have helped to forge the forward path for PAs and affect change in world of progressive and responsible healthcare delivery.

MEDEX 2018 Graduations: Having A Full Day

Each year MEDEX Northwest graduates around 125 physician assistants who largely stay on to practice in the five-state WWAMI Region of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. These graduations are joyous occasions, the culmination of over two years of intense study on the part of the students.

Don Coerver, PA-C: MEDEX Lifetime Achievement Award 2018

This 9-minute film covers the career of Don Coerver, PA-C, Ph.D., who devoted 20 years of his life to PA education and was central to the development of the MEDEX Eastern Washington Yakima and Spokane sites. Having touched the lives of over 500 PA students during his distinguished career, Don [...]

Honoring PA Achievements

This April 28th, MEDEX Northwest will host our annual Alumni Reception and Awards Ceremony at the SeaTac Doubletree Hotel. This year the theme is “Honoring PA Achievements”, and five of our best and brightest are spotlighted for their accomplishments in various areas. These are truly the role models for the [...]

Tent City 3 at the University of Washington: Learning from Lived Experience

Near the end of 2016, UW President Ana Mari Cauce welcomed the residents of the Tent City 3 encampment to a UW campus site for a 3-month period. One year later, Lois Thetford, PA-C examines our campus community’s collective response to this event, and engagement with our homeless neighbors.

A Reason Not Entirely Recognizable To Myself

During the months between his PA didactic and clinical years, Rich Wehling of MEDEX Anchorage Class 8 scaled Mount Everest to undertake a research study on the effects of caffeine in high altitude environments. Along the way, he found some answers to questions not originally considered.

The Orchestration of Care

Inter-Professional Education or IPE brings students from differing programs together to learn from one another and improve patient outcomes. In the case of the Free Dental Clinic, MEDEX Northwest students and UW Dentistry students work side-by-side to bring a more holistic and team-based approach to the healthcare needs of their [...]

We Learned One Helluva Lot of Medicine

In August of 2017, 113 students graduated from the MEDEX Northwest physician assistant training program at the University of Washington. We celebrate this occasion with a lively 7-minute video of the graduation proceedings plus over 330 photos from across the four MEDEX training sites in Anchorage, Spokane, Seattle and Tacoma.

Kayaking As A Metaphor for Cancer Survival

Jace Meng of MEDEX Northwest Seattle Class 50 finds energy and inspiration from volunteering with young adult cancer survivors through First Descent, an adventure organization that takes participants out on kayaking expeditions. As survivors overcome the limitations and fears of their disease, Jace is learning firsthand about the disease and [...]

Lois Thetford, PA-C: Recipient of the 2017 UW Humanitarian Award

Lois Thetford, PA-C was recently awarded the prestigious UW Alumni Humanitarian Award for her work on behalf of the homeless. A longtime advocate for social change, Lois’ entry into healthcare and the PA profession focused her efforts in a new way. Now she’s teaching others to follow in her footsteps.

Chris Heim, PA-C: Better For Knowing Him

His skills always in demand during 23 years as a U.S. Army 18D Special Forces medic, Chris Heim, PA-C proved to be an anchor for his cohorts of MEDEX Seattle Class 41. With a promising civilian PA career in place, Chris died unexpectedly in 2015. He is now memorialized with [...]