Over its 50+ years of PA education, MEDEX Northwest has graduated over 2,800 students, mission-driven health professionals all who have spread themselves out across the region, the country, and the world to make everyday differences in the communities they serve. Retired or still active, new to the profession or old hands, their stories are as rich and varied as the lives of the patients they have touched. Read past Alumni Newsletters here.

“I Guess It All Worked Out”: An Interview with PA Pioneer Robert Woodruff, PA-C (MEDEX Seattle Class 1)

Robert Woodruff, PA-C, is a member of MEDEX Seattle Class 1 (1969), MEDEX Northwest’s first graduating class, and has remained a good friend and supporter of MEDEX Northwest in the 55 years since. Like virtually all of his Class 1 classmates, Bob served in the Vietnam war. He was an [...]

It Doesn’t Have to Define You: An Interview with Sarah Serpinas, MS, PA-C

Sarah Serpinas, MS, PA-C, is a Lecturer on the Didactic Faculty of the MEDEX Spokane campus. A graduate of MEDEX Spokane Class 12 (2010), Sarah joined the MEDEX Spokane faculty in 2014. In addition to her teaching duties, she is a provider at the Kaiser Permanente Riverfront Medical Center in [...]

Remembering Phoumy Bounkeua, PA-C

The MEDEX Northwest family mourns the recent passing of Phoumy Bounkeua, PA-C. He was so generous, those who knew him are saying. A real class act. A genuinely wonderful guy. At the time of his admission to MEDEX Seattle Class 23 (1991), Phoumy had the distinction of being the youngest [...]

The Return of the MEDEX Alumni Reception and Awards Ceremony

The MEDEX Alumni Reception and Awards Ceremony returned to the scene on Saturday April 23, 2022, after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions. The 2022 edition was held in conjunction with the Washington Academy of Physician Assistants (WAPA) 33rd Annual Spring Conference at the Seattle Airport Marriott Hotel. The [...]

Patricia Modlin-Rogers: Forging a Path for Women

As was the case with the two classes that came before them, all of the students of MEDEX Seattle Class 3 (1971) brought military training and experience with them into the classroom. But Patricia Modlin-Rogers brought all that and something more: she was a woman. MEDEX records show that Ms. [...]

MEDEX Remembers PA Mark Patterson

We remember Mark Alan Patterson (September 11, 1941-October 9, 2021), MEDEX Seattle Class 1 alumnus, pioneering PA, and longtime friend of the MEDEX family.

“Every Day Is a Surprise!” MEDEX Graduate Marks 50th Anniversary of Working in Primary Care

They say it takes a village, but it surely helps when that village includes providers like Sue Terran, a PA, nurse and MEDEX graduate (Seattle Class 27), who is celebrating fifty years of bringing primary care to thousands of families in rural Oregon.