Clinical Experience

During their second year at MEDEX – the clinical year – MEDEX students travel throughout the Northwest, Alaskan and Hawaiian service regions to work with clinicians and experienced preceptors – MDs, DOs, NPs and PAs – in family medicine and six specialty areas, including emergency medicine, general surgery, behavioral medicine, inpatient wards, underserved and an elective. Here are some stories from this essential component of the MEDEX educational journey.

The Mission Statement I Was Looking For

Tracey Hopper’s path to becoming a physician assistant was driven by the need to provide higher-level medical services to her small rural community. Now finishing up her clinical year at a longstanding clinic situated in an Eastern Washington college community, Tracey finds that her earlier experiences in emergency medicine gives [...]

A Year Of Confidence Breaking, Then Making

After a year of classroom study, Sarah Kopke discovers how little she actually knows when working with patients. Closing in on her graduation from MEDEX Spokane Class 18, Sarah speaks eloquently about the ego-breaking aspects of physician assistant education during the clinical year. But from this comes new growth and [...]

Like Painting A Fence, You Can’t Help But Get A Little Bit On You

Tucker Larsen came to MEDEX Spokane Class 18 from a social worker background, specifically in community mental health advocating for the homeless. Frustrated by the limits of what he could provide to this population, Tucker saw his entry into the physician assistant profession as a way to expand his ability [...]

Healthcare From The Heart

Kira Sandon is spending her MEDEX family practice preceptorship tending to the homeless of Coeur d’Alene, ID. Alongside her preceptor, TJ Byrne, PA-C, she’s working out of a mobile unit, taking care of the basic needs of this often-marginalized population. She’s learning medicine, of course, along with patience and empathy.

A Lifetime Spent In Learning Patience

Out of his own childhood injuries and ongoing medical issues, Ismail Jatta of Gambia cultivated a patience that has served him well as a caregiver and throughout his physician assistant training at MEDEX Northwest. Now close to graduation, Ismail reflects on his unique path—both past and what lies ahead.

Seeking A Broader Scope Of Practice

The path to PA school is not always a straight line. Celeste Richardson considered a master’s in genetic counseling early in her academic life. Then foreign travel, marriage and raising a family took center stage. After 17 years working with geriatric populations as a massage therapist, she’s in physician assistant [...]

Finding Oneself While in the Service of Others

Undeterred by the significant challenges of his youth, Anthony Gordon discovered his love of medicine early in life. From sports medicine in high school then 13 years as an EMT for a Kitsap County ambulance service, Anthony is finding fulfillment in patient care during his family medicine preceptorship at a [...]

Getting Really Good at Many Things

With 24 years in the US Army under his belt—14 as a medic—Gevin Parker is precepting under the MD director of a Residency Program. At Providence St. Peter he takes turns shadowing his preceptor, third year residents, DOs and NPs. All this presents a rigorous learning environment and a challenge [...]

From EMS to Continuity of Care

As she steps back from the adrenaline mode required by an earlier career in Emergency Medicine Services, Nicole Jakeman is enjoying the luxury of continued patient care that comes with her family practice preceptorship in a small South Sound clinic. With a second career as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Nicole [...]

The Dream Becomes Real

Simon Mendoza – MEDEX Seattle Class 48 Simon Mendoza became the first DACA student accepted to a UW Medicine graduate program. During his family medicine preceptorship with the MEDEX Northwest physician assistant program, Simon is putting his new skills to use in the migrant farmworkers’ community of Othello, WA.