The idea behind National PA Week, which is held every year from Oct. 6 – 12, is to recognize the PA profession and its contributions to the team sport that is U.S. healthcare. By all accounts, this year’s 2023 edition held by the five campuses of MEDEX Northwest was an eventful affair, as students at each campus captured the spirit of the week with series of events, guest sessions and fun activities.

MEDEX Spokane: Spokane Class 27 students wrote and distributed “thank you” cards to preceptors and area providers to express their gratitude and support of MEDEX and the PA profession.

MEDEX Anchorage: The students of Anchorage Class 15 acknowledged PA Week by encouraging the donation of blood, including their own, to the Alaska Blood Bank.

MEDEX Kona: Kona Class 4 organized a “Spirit Week,” with a different theme set for each day. On Wednesday morning they held a campus breakfast prior to classes. The week included an “Tori Appreciation Day,” celebrating Didactic Program Coordinator Tori Agoot and all that she does to support the program at Kona. Finally, students from several Kona classes put a cap on PA Week by volunteering at the 2023 Ironman World Championship medical tent, assisting in a fast-paced environment and communicating with many different healthcare workers and athletes from around the world.

MEDEX Seattle: MEDEX Seattle’s PA Week activities started out in full swing and stayed that way throughout the week. Seattle Class 57 students kicked the week off by putting up PA-focused decorations and creative designs in the classroom and initiating a food drive for a local organization, the University District Food Bank. The following day, Seattle students and faculty organized a “patch party” and potluck gathering. The University-wide Husky Pride Day found MEDEX students donning school gear and colors — purple, gold and white. On the same day, MEDEX graduate and President-Elect of WAPA, Joshua Lumsden, PA-C, MA, MCHS gave a guest lecture on the program and profession. Class 57 students then did a virtual meeting “Pajama Day” on Thursday, and met again in person on Friday for a “Scrub Day.” And what PA Week would be complete without a Friday CBL activity and Skills Assessment?

MEDEX Tacoma: Tacoma Class 11 students started the week with class discussions on the PA profession, and took to their social media accounts to celebrate the legacy and birthday of Dr. Richard Smith, founder of MEDEX and one of the founding fathers of the PA profession. They then dove into the history of MEDEX and the campus at a breakfast bar set up by their Class Social Director. Tacoma ended their PA week by setting up a table at the UW Tacoma Student Involvement Autumn Fair in hopes of raising awareness of the PA profession.