Angel Adams, MEDEX Kona Class 4 student and member of the 2023-2024 Social Mission Alliance Health Justice Council and Health Justice Student Assembly

MEDEX is pleased to share the news that Angel Adams, a student in MEDEX Kona Class 4 (class of 2025) has been accepted into the Social Mission Alliance (SMA) Health Justice Council (HJC) and Health Justice Student Assembly (HJSA) for the 2023-2024 academic year.

From SMA: “The HJC is the leadership arm of the HJSA, which is a collective of graduate health professional students committed to advocating for Health Justice in healthcare curriculum and in the country at large. As HJC members are charged with setting the educational/policy objectives for the HJSA, all HJC members are also members of the HJSA.”

We asked Angel to share more about how she connected with this opportunity and what being selected for this honor means to her.

From Angel:

I was introduced to the possibility of joining the Social Mission Alliance from an email from our own Dr. Daytheon Sturges. After I researched the organization and thoughtful consideration, I found myself compelled to apply. This decision was driven by the remarkable alignment between their mission to promote social justice healthcare and my aspirations.

Having experienced the shortcomings of our healthcare system as a patient, I made a personal commitment to effect change if given the chance. The Social Mission Alliance represents that opportunity.

I seek to use my position in the HJSA/HJC to address the injustices and inequities prevalent in my community and healthcare in general. Merely observing these issues was not enough for me. I desired the necessary tools and education to contribute to the rectification of these deep-rooted problems.

I firmly believe that early education is crucial in shaping the perspectives of future clinicians. By familiarizing them with the existing disparities and equipping them with the necessary resources, we can ensure they are prepared to serve our communities effectively. It is imperative that our future healthcare professionals are aware of the challenges faced by marginalized populations and also possess the means to provide them with the help they deserve.

The Social Mission Alliance is dedicated to restoring the true purpose of medicine-assisting individuals with unmet healthcare needs. Regardless of race, social status, insurance coverage, or income. It aligns perfectly with my mission as a future physician assistant and is one of the key reasons I applied to the MEDEX PA program at the University of Washington.

Dr. Smith’s vision reverberates deeply with my beliefs, and the Social Mission Alliance is committed to bridging the gap in healthcare disparities by recruiting professionals and students from diverse backgrounds. This approach will enable us to address the unique challenges in underserved communities and work towards achieving health justice for all.

I am truly honored to be a part of this transformative movement. I believe that by actively contributing to the change we wish to see in healthcare, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those most in need. I am eager to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share this passion and work towards creating a more just and inclusive healthcare society.