Master of Clinical Health Services

All students will participate in the core MEDEX PA curriculum, which focuses on primary care and improving healthcare access for the medically underserved. Students in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma,  Anchorage, and Kona will complete a capstone project. 

Academic Prerequisites  

Clinical Prerequisites  

Focused Study Course Options: 

Students will select a specific Focused Study course offering advanced skills and knowledge in their chosen focus area. Students will declare their Focused Study choice at the beginning of spring quarter of the didactic phase of training. Focused Study course options include: 

  • Healthcare for Rural and Underserved Populations, 

  • Public Health and Preventive Medicine, 

Capstone Project 

With faculty guidance, students will develop and complete an individual capstone project within their selected focus area. Projects will be presented to faculty and fellow students during the summer graduation week. 

Program timing: 

The MEDEX master’s program will be a total of nine (9) quarters. The second summer quarter will begin with an on-campus intensive in Seattle, followed by six weeks of online course participation to complete the quarter.