Tacoma is the blue-collar contrast to Seattle’s white collar, high tech image. As the old polluting industries that made up Tacoma’s former economic base have faded or cleaned up their operations, what has emerged is a very livable, medium-sized city on Puget Sound with many of the same attractions that make Seattle so desirable – minus the traffic congestion and the high cost of housing. Tacoma has hills, water and mountain views, a revitalized downtown, diverse communities, a thriving cultural scene, and proximity to outdoor activities. Neighboring Joint Base Lewis-McChord (at historic Ft. Lewis) and Naval Base Kitsap (Bremerton, WA) bring a substantial veteran population to the Tacoma MEDEX campus. In general, Tacoma hosts a more relaxed population than neighboring Seattle. The cost-of-living in Tacoma is more affordable than its neighbor 35 miles north.

Tacoma Is

Image © Jack Moscovita
Image © Jack Moscovita
  • Friendly
  • Patriotic
    • Military bases are an essential part of the Tacoma community.
    • Joint Base Lewis-McChord is open to the general public on July 4th for an air show.
  • Outdoor activity friendly
    • Point Defiance Park for hiking trails, running trails and indoor go-carts.
    • Ruston Way waterfront for walking, biking, roller-skating.
  • Family-friendly
    • Progressive school district that has built innovative relations with local businesses
  • Tacoma has great food:
    • 3 farmers markets throughout Tacoma during the summer months
    • Multi-ethnic restaurants lining Pacific Avenue, 38th St., and S. Tacoma Way
    • Friendly nightclubs, taverns and bars featuring music and dancing
  • Tacoma has unique venues:
    • Wine bars, art shops and piano bars along 6th Avenue
    • Restaurants, coffee shops, high-end markets and upscale specialty stores

Tacoma Is Not

Image © SmarterTravel.com
Image © SmarterTravel.com
  • Rushed
  • Expensive
  • Crowded
    • Congestion is not a regular part of Tacoma living.

Tacoma Has

Image © Crosscut.com
Image © Crosscut.com
  • A metropolitan population of over 200,000 — neither too big nor too small.
  • Natural beauty with outstanding views of Mount Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula mountain range
  • Public transportation
    • Take the Tacoma Link Light Rail to the UWT Campus.
  • Cultural Identity–Tacoma has preserved many notable historic buildings. Including four museums:
    • The Museum of Glass, Tacoma Art Museum, Washington State History Museum and the LeMay Car Museum housing over 350 historic vehicles
  • Lots of parks and entertainment centers:
    • Point Defiance Park with its Zoo and Aquarium with over 350 animal species.
    • A lively Waterfront Park with nearby restaurants and taverns
  • Tacoma Dome for major concerts and sporting events
    • Tacoma is home to the Tacoma Rainiers, a Minor League Baseball team of the Pacific Coast League.
    • Historic Pantages Theater with live theatrical and cultural events
  • Family-oriented activities with Boys & Girls Clubs hosting great afterschool programs.
    • Lots of places of worship across all faith communities

Tacoma Is Close To

Image © Kaarvea - Panoramio.com
Image © Kaarvea – Panoramio.com
  • Mount Rainier National Park (60 miles)
  • Seattle (34 miles)
  • The Olympic Peninsula & National Park (106 miles)
  • Columbia River Gorge (200 miles)
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (175 miles)

About the Tacoma MEDEX campus:

Youll Like Tacoma

  • A small class size (averaging 30).
  • MEDEX Tacoma makes an active effort to reach out to active duty military and veterans.
  • The UW Tacoma campus feels like a small and vibrant college community, with many resources at hand to assist with student success in PA school.