As the faculty, staff, and students of MEDEX Northwest prepare to head into Fall Quarter 2021 – which for some signals the full embrace of the intensive first year in the classroom, and for others a transition into a year of clinical rotations in hospitals, clinics and medical facilities across the region and country – we’re taking a moment to recognize the recent summer successes of two current MEDEX Seattle students.

Maninderpal Sethi
MEDEX Seattle Class 54

First, on July 12, 2021, Maninderpal Sethi (MEDEX Seattle Class 54) served as a panelist at the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Student Town Hall.

“In serving as a panelist,” write Michel Statler (PAEA President) and Mary Jo Bondy (PAEA CEO) in a follow-up letter of recognition, “you demonstrated courageous leadership and helped to create a safe and brave space where students from across the country could share their experiences and struggles with racism. Because of your willingness to serve, an important and much needed dialogue occurred at a time when it was needed most.”

We asked Maninderpal about his motivations to extend himself in this way while up to his neck finishing his didactic year and preparing to head out into his rotations: “I am deeply passionate about social justice and equity, and I hoped that by joining the panel I could collaborate with like-minded PA students that share a similar mentality. I believe that through discussion we will better serve our patients in the future.”

Then on August 17, 2021, PAEA announced the selection of the 2021-2022 Student Health Policy Fellowship cohort, an impressive group of 20 PA students from across the country that includes one of MEDEX’s newest students, Ted Parker (MEDEX Seattle Class 55). Ted was among the over 200 attendees of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Student Town Hall mentioned above, and he applied for the Fellowship on the strength of that experience as well as the encouragement of MEDEX Seattle faculty member and mentor Daytheon Sturges.

Ted Parker
MEDEX Seattle Class 55

“It felt like the perfect opportunity to get my feet wet in health policy,” Ted tells us. “I can’t say I have a lot of experience in legislation or policy, but I hope to learn the skills to become a contributing member in a PA organization and help to advocate for change in underrepresented communities. As an individual who depended on community health services growing up, one of my passions is contributing to public health and furthering its capacities. This is what drives me to be a PA. Through work experiences and mentorship, I’ve seen how impactful health policy is on community health systems. I am humbled by the opportunity and proud to represent my community and the University of Washington!”

MEDEX Northwest is very proud in turn of both Ted Parker and Maninderpal Sethi. Their drive and commitment are what our program is all about. Bring on Fall Quarter!

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