Alison Bremner, 2022


The Family Medicine Residency Network’s logo was redesigned in 2022 by Tlingit artist, Alison Bremner. Born and raised in Southeast Alaska, Alison now resides in the Seattle area. In addition to digital design, she works with a variety of mediums including painting, woodcarving, and regalia. Alison’s work expertly marries her unique style and use of colors with traditional design and techniques. Her work can be found around the Pacific Northwest including in the Alaska State Museum, Seattle’s Burke Museum, and Juneau International Airport. 

In designing the FMRN logo, Alison focused on knowledge transfer, sharing and learning. The circular design gives a sense of connection and cooperation with the formline offering an abstract depiction of thought. 

More information about Alison and her artwork can be found on her website and Instagram