Research & Scholarship

As an organization, the FMRN supports our programs in their research and scholarship pursuits.

We also gather data on our programs to put together a view of what’s happening in the region. For more information, contact our Research Consultant, Amanda Weidner.

Publications & Articles from the FMRN Office

Rural Residency Program Development

Hawes E, Weidner A, Page C, Longenecker R, Pauwels J, Crane S, Chen F, Fraher E. A Roadmap to Rural Residency Program Development Journal of Graduate Medical Education. JGME. 2020; in press.

FMRN Graduate Follow Up

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Weidner A, Chen FM, Peterson LE. Developing the National Family Medicine Graduate Survey. JGME. 2017; 9(5):570-573.

WWAMI Graduate Follow Up

Weidner A, Stevens NS, Shih G.  Associations Between Program Level Abortion Training and Graduate Preparation For And Provision of Reproductive Care. Fam Med. 2019; 51(9):750-755.

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Other Projects

Weidner A, Gilles R, Seehusen D. Residency Scholarship Within Practice-Based Research Networks. Fam Med. 2020; 52(2):91-96.

Stutzman K, Karpen RR, Naidoo P, Toevs SE, Weidner A, Baker E, Schmitz D.  Support for Rural Practice: Female Physicians and the Life-Career Interface. Rural Rem Health. 2020; 20:5341.

Weidner A, Pauwels J, McGuire M, Davis A. Collaboration Between ACGME and AOA Programs to Enhance Success in the Single Accreditation System: A Process Paper. JAOA. 2017; 117(11):1-7.



Scholarship from the FMRN Programs

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Amanda Weidner

Amanda Weidner, MPH
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