Frederick Chen, MD, MPH

Judith Pauwels, MD
Associate Director of Program Development

Grace Shih, MD, MAS
Associate Director of Faculty Development

Nancy Stevens, MD, MPH
Faculty Development Fellowship Director

Chris Vincent, MD
Evidence Based Medicine Faculty Lead


Tiffany Jones

Tiffany Jones

Jennifer Ames, MS
Education Programs Manager

Wiliam Deng

William Deng
Budget/Fiscal Analyst

Tiffany Hou

Tiffany Hou, MSIS
Technology Strategist

Molly Ormsby, MA
Regional Communications Manager

Desirae Villa

Desirae Villa
Program Operations SPecialist

Amanda Weidner

Amanda Weidner, MPH
Research Consultant

Remote Teams

PNWU Osteopathic and Developing Program Director Support Team

Russell Maier

Russell maier, MD
Regional Associate for Program Development and Support

Michelle Chadek, MS
Director of Graduate Medical Education PNWU

WSU Rural Program GME Assistance Team

Jaime Bowman, MD

Robin durfee

Jeff Haney, MD