MEDEX-PharmD Program

MEDEX Northwest and the Pharmacy Doctorate (PharmD) Program at the University of Washington have agreed to cross-instruct a limited number of students for the developing role of PharmD–PA-C. MEDEX places a high priority on developing new niches of physician assistant practice as a strategy for increasing healthcare access throughout the region. The PharmD-PA dual degree program creates the unique opportunity to place cross-trained individuals in academic instructional settings, such as residencies, in clinics providing care to the urban and rural medically underserved, and in hospitalist roles.

The PharmD-PA option is only available to students already enrolled in the PharmD Program at the University of Washington. Students must be second-year PharmD students in good academic standing. Applicants must meet all MEDEX academic prerequisites, however the clinical experience prerequisite is more flexible.

Satisfactory grades in basic science courses taken within the PharmD program will allow MEDEX Northwest to accept Pharmacy courses to meet the first summer Basic Science course requirement. Similarly, MEDEX will accept successful courses from the School of Pharmacy to meet the requirement for the Patient Management two-quarter course sequence offered by MEDEX Northwest.

Year one and two: Enrolled in UW PharmD program

Summer after year two: Apply directly to the MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Program by submitting all required documentation and application materials no later than the published deadline. UW PharmD students will be required to complete a CASPA online application. The link to the CASPA website can be found on the Apply to MEDEX page.

Year three: Pharmacy school

Summer after year three: Pharmacy rotations and start MEDEX.

Years four & five: The fourth year of Pharmacy School will be partially replaced by years one (didactic) and two (clinical) of PA training. The second year of PA training is comprised of clinical clerkships that will satisfy the elective clerkship requirements for the PharmD program. PharmD-PA students will receive their Pharmacy degree in June of their fifth year, followed by their PA certificate and master’s degree in August.