Admissions Process

Applications Submitted  

Applicants use the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) application portal to apply to MEDEX Northwest. It is strongly recommended to review the CASPA Instructions and the Frequently Asked CASPA Topics thoroughly before beginning the CASPA application.   

CASPA will begin the application verification process once the application has been submitted and after receiving official transcripts and reference letters; this process can take up to five (5) weeks. Verification is the process used to ensure all applicant coursework was entered correctly and consistently. Once the application is verified, the applicant will receive a notification and the application’s status will change to Verified. Once CASPA has completed their verification process, they will release the official, verified application to MEDEX electronically.  MEDEX uses the date that the applicant submitted the final application when verifying whether the application deadline has been met. 

If applicants have a change of address after application submission, they should update it on their application. Be sure to click the blue, “update my application” button.  

Applicants are responsible for tracking their own applications. Applicants should contact CASPA directly for questions about the CASPA application.  

Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA)  
Telephone 617.612.2080  

Application Reviews

MEDEX reviews verified applications from CASPA. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received, and decisions are communicated with applicants once they are made. Applicants should allow up to ten (10) weeks for the review of their application. The MEDEX team reviews applications utilizing a holistic approach. This approach allows the admissions committee to select a well-rounded cohort with a diverse make-up of previous academic, health care, and life experiences.   

The program will communicate admissions decisions, including interview invitations, via e-mail once the review is complete.   


MEDEX Northwest uses a rolling admissions process. Therefore, as applications are reviewed, applicants who qualify may be invited to the next available scheduled interview date.  

Interviews are conducted by program faculty, adjunct faculty, local physicians, PAs and health care workers.   

The interview day will begin with introductions, followed by interviews, an admissions orientation, and Q&A with a student panel. Interview structure is based on a Peace Corps model – small group interviews. There are three rounds of interviews where each applicant is paired with two other applicants and two interviewers; groupings change for each interview.   

In general, each of these encounters will assess the candidate’s character, communication skills, professionalism, readiness, and adaptability.  

Accepted Applicants  

Accepted applicants are required to complete the following admission requirements to matriculate:  

  1. Acceptance Packet   

After each interview conference, applicants selected for the program will be contacted by phone for an initial offer of admission. The Admissions team will email an official acceptance packet via DocuSign to candidates who accept the initial offer of admission. Candidates are given three (3) weeks to sign and submit the following documents via DocuSign:  

    • Technical Standards   

    • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Release  

    • Applicant Decision  

  1. Apply to the University of Washington (UW) Graduate School  

Admitted candidates must apply to the UW Graduate School for the MEDEX Northwest, Master of Clinical Health Services degree program. Detailed instructions are provided in the acceptance packet.  

  1. Tuition Deposit  

After the Graduate School application has been submitted, completed, and an offer made by MEDEX, applicants must confirm enrollment and pay a$500.00 non-refundable deposit (due within four (4) weeks). The deposit will be credited towards the first summer quarter tuition. Detailed instructions are provided in the acceptance packet.  

  1. Criminal Background Check  

MEDEX Northwest requires all newly admitted students to apply for a background check using the same system the University of Washington School of Medicine has adopted.  

Background checks will be required prior to beginning each year of the program and will cost the student approximately $47.50 each year. Some clinical training sites may require additional background checks.   

  1. Immunization Requirements  

All MEDEX students must comply with UW Health Science Immunization Program (HSIP) and MEDEX Northwest immunization requirements throughout their tenure in the physician assistant program; this includes timely documentation of compliance and submission of required paperwork. All immunizations are required prior to the start of the didactic phase of the program. Compliance with immunization policies is required during both the didactic and clinical years. These compliance requirements include all immunizations including the HepB series, TB screening, annual flu shots, COVID-19, and all other immunizations required by HSIP.  

If immunization requirements are not met by the start of the didactic year, the student will not be allowed to continue participation in academic activities. If reported as non-compliant while in the program, a student will not be in good standing. The student may not be present in-patient care settings in the didactic or clinical phase, financial aid will be withheld, and a registration hold will be applied. 

  1. Medical Terminology 

It is strongly recommended that accepted applicants take a Medical Terminology course before classes begin in June.