EOQ Meeting Topics | 10-13-2017

Techniques to Improve Teaching_PPT

  • Planning the schedule for student days
    • During visit
    • End of visit
  • Student activity learning not requiring direct supervision


Productivity Clerkship Exam Schedule

The guidelines are established to support student safety while traveling between training sites and maximize the use and scheduling of regional testing centers and proctor support services
Exam Workbook Grading Tool

Faculty Orientation to Goals & Objectives_WordDoc

Faculty Orientation to Goals & Objectives_ PPT

Learn and apply key components of the Family Medicine approach to health care
1.  Discuss the principles of care within the framework of family medicine and the critical role of family physicians within any health care system.
2. Gather information, formulate differential diagnoses, propose initial diagnostic evaluation, and offer management plans for patients with common presentations within the within the framework of the family medicine.
3. Manage initial evaluation and follow-up visits with patients needing longitudinal care such as such as chronic disease and pregnancy, in a family medicine setting.
4. Collaboratively, with patient input, develop evidence-based health promotion/disease prevention plans for patients of any age or gender in a family medicine setting.
5. Demonstrate use of patient centered communication skills during history taking, physical exam, use of electronic health records, and collaborative decisions making in an outpatient setting.
6. Demonstrate professionalism in the care of patients and families, and in interactions with the health care team and communities.

MSPE Example File 2018

This MSPE is an example only and is meant to convey the general contents and the overall look and feel of the MSPE.  Your MSPE will vary from this example depending on your own circumstances. E.g. expansions/leaves of absence, failed grades, elective clerkships, etc.
MSTP/WRITE/TRUST/LIC students will have program information in the MSPE.

Absentee Policy

This policy covers all students in required and elective clerkships

Clinical Faculty Reappointment Form

What is “Good”?

  • The word is assigned based on the competitiveness of each of your clerkships. Some clerkships gave a majority of students “Honors” in this past academic year, and when that occurs, the “Honors” grade does not carry the same weight as an “Honors” grade in a clerkship in which a smaller percentage of students receive this grade of distinction. Basically, due to changes in grading rubrics in some clerkships there was an unintended consequence of “grade inflation” in some clerkships this past academic year.


Implicit Bias Presentation

  • “Attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, decision making, and behavior, without our even realizing it”. UCLA Law Review(2012) by Jerry Kang, et al

Implicit Bias in the Clinical Setting and Learning Environment

Suffering Reflections

“Throughout my medical school career, I have felt that witnessing a patient who is in pain, distress, or discomfort has left permanent marks on my soul.  Walking into this room was no different. Looking back, it has become one of the most vivid and persistent memories when reflecting on patient suffering. Instinctually I wanted to help, but I was at lost for words. How do you enter a stranger’s life during times of extreme suffering?”  
Talking Points for discussions with students about suffering