The Osher Center for Integrative Health at the University of Washington brings together conventional and complementary practices in a coordinated manner to promote health, illness prevention, and healthy living. We emphasize a holistic, patient-focused approach to health care and wellness – treating the whole person.

The UW Osher Center provides Integrative Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine Consults, Integrative Primary Care, Acupuncture and Medical Massage Therapy.  


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The UW Osher Center emphasizes that the practitioner and patient are partners in the healing process, and all factors that influence health, wellness and disease are taken into consideration. read more…

Meet the UW Osher Center Team

The Osher Center for Integrative Health at the UW was established in July 2018 with the generous support of The Bernard Osher Foundation. We seek to transform health care in the region by integrating traditional and complementary wellness approaches into patient care. read more...

The Cha Chi Ming Endowed Fund for Integrative Medicine – 2024 Education Series

The Cha Chi Ming Endowed Fund for Integrative Medicine was established for the purpose of promoting the understanding and translation of research findings in integrative, East-West, and other complementary and alternative medicine disciplines at the University of Washington. read more…

Education Resources & Research 

The Osher Center is committed to providing education for the public, health science students and health care professionals, as well as engaging in research to identify and inform best practices to help regional providers initiate and sustain integrative medicine. read more…

News & Events

Natural Pain Relief

Dr. Wu-Hsun Tom Yang talks to the Institute for Natural Medicine about the naturopathic approach to chronic pain management

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10 Home Remedies to Attack Your Cold

Dr. Iman Majd talks about home remedies for the common cold.

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Echinacea Supplements – yes or no?

Echinacea, or purple coneflower, is an herb traditionally used in some Native American medicinal practices for wound healing. [See [...]

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Ear Seeds

U.S. News talked to Gracia Tharp, LAc, lead acupuncturist at the Osher Center for Integrative Health, about ear seeding [...]

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