Our Mission

Transform healthcare, through evidence-based integrative medicine strategies, to promote well-being, health and healing throughout the lifespan.

Our Vision

We envision a transformed system of healthcare that empowers patients, families and communities to actively participate in their health journeys through shared decision-making with an interprofessional team of clinicians.

Our Goals

Provide education to support the dissemination of knowledge and skills to clinicians and students as well as patients and communities, in order to facilitate the use of integrative healthcare strategies for health promotion and wellbeing. Engage in research that is pragmatic, innovative and collaborative to inform effective integrative clinical care and integrative medicine education. Create clinical healing environments where patients and an interprofessional team of clinicians work together collaboratively to define and pursue health goals.


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Our Values

The Osher Center for Integrative Health at the University of Washington is committed to the values of:

Health care provider using acupuncture with patientWhole person care that is relationship centered and focuses on all aspects of well-being including spiritual, physical, emotional, social and cultural dimensions and promotes healing environments.

Collaboration that promotes a coordinated team-based approach that respects and includes a broad array of evidence informed, therapeutic modalities delivered by clinicians, healers, educators and researchers working together in active engagement with communities and individuals to promote population health and wellbeing.

Resilience through care that is transformative and empowers people and clinicians in caring for their own health and wellbeing, fostering hope and compassion toward ourselves and the people we serve.

Equity, diversity and inclusion through care that honors all people and is actively engaged in service, learning, and relationship-building within our diverse communities

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The UW Osher Center for Integrative Health is part of a larger collaborative. The Osher Collaborative for Integrative Health comprises a group of eleven academic centers in the world funded by The Bernard Osher Foundation to study, teach, and practice integrative medicine. The Osher Collaborative advances the field of integrative medicine through the sharing of knowledge, resources, and best practices.

The Centers

•  Harvard University
•  Karolinska Institutet
•  Northwestern University
•  University of California, San Francisco
•  University of Cincinnati
•  University of Miami
•  University of Utah
•  University of Vermont
•  University of Washington
•  University of Wisconsin-Madison
•  Vanderbilt University