Integrative Medicine Consults

UW Osher Center at the Sports Medicine Clinic at Ballard

The UW Osher Center for Integrative Health is located within the Sports Medicine Clinic at Ballard.

Please call the clinic directly to schedule an Integrative Medicine consult in-person or telemedicine (virtual) appointment with Dr. Bell or Dr. Wick 206-668-6100 

Dr. Bell and Dr. Wick do not offer primary care at the Sports Medicine Clinic at Ballard.

UW Osher Center at the Primary Care Clinic at Factoria 

The UW Osher Center offers Integrative Medicine consults with Dr. Iman Majd at the Primary Care Clinic at Factoria.
To schedule a in-person or telemedicine (virtual) consult with Dr. Majd, please call 425.957.9000 or schedule online.
Please note Dr. Majd is not available to provide Primary Care at Factoria.  

Integrative Primary Care

Primary Care at Northgate Clinic

Our physicians practice primary care through the lens of integrative medicine. They are accepting new patients at UW Medicine’s Primary Care at Northgate Clinic

Debra Bell MD
Venuka Wick MD

To establish integrative primary care with Dr. Bell or Dr. Wick call the Northgate clinic directly at 206-528-8000.


The UW Osher Center offers acupuncture at three locations. Please note you must have a physician referral to make an appointment with one of our acupuncturists.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is a healing-oriented medicine that emphasizes a holistic, patient-focused approach to health care and wellness, treating the whole person. It uses many modalities and appropriate therapies informed by scientific evidence, such as nutrition, mind-body practices, lifestyle changes, stress reduction, mental and spiritual wellbeing, the use of appropriate dietary supplements, and herbs and bioidentical hormone therapy.

We provide consultations and care for people with a variety of health concerns such as:

•  Allergies
•  Autoimmune disease
•  Cancer-related side effects
•  Cardiovascular Disease
•  Chronic fatigue
•  Chronic pain and fibromyalgia
•  Diabetes and Prediabetes
•  Gastrointestinal and digestive issues
•  Headaches
•  High Blood Pressure and high cholesterol
•  Irregular menses, PCOS, PMS and other common gynecologic concerns
•  Mental Health, anxiety / depression
•  Peri-menopause / menopause (including bioidentical hormone therapy)
•  Recurrent infections or chronic inflammation
•  Thyroid and adrenal hormone concerns
•  Stress-related conditions
•  Cancer-related supportive care
•  General preventative, holistic approach to health


Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine in which practitioners stimulate specific points on the body using very thin needles to restore health. There has been extensive research on the benefits of acupuncture, especially for: 

  • Pain management
  • Back and neck pain
  • Osteoarthritis / knee pain
  • Headaches

Acupuncture may also be effective in treating other health issues — each person will have a unique response to the treatment.

Our providers at the UW Osher Center bring integrative medicine and acupuncture into mainstream medicine to provide cohesive and coordinated care for our patients.