Debra G. Bell MD

Debra Bell

Debra G. Bell MD

Co-director of Education, Osher Center

Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Bell is board certified in Family Medicine and has over 35 years of experience in Integrative Medicine. She developed an interest in natural medicine as an undergraduate at Brown University and continued to be a pioneer in Integrative Medicine while attending University off California at San Francisco, School of Medicine.

Her passion for primary care integrative medicine has continued throughout her career including working in private practice, offering home birth, and developing and directing an integrative medicine center at a community hospital. Prior to joining UW Family Medicine , she practiced at the Penny George Institute of Health and Healing in Minneapolis.

Her career has also included teaching at medical schools, teaching and mentoring students and peers and providing education to the general public.

As an integrative medicine family physician, Dr. Bell sees people of all ages for most health concerns and has a particular interest in women’s health. She considers nutrition, lifestyle changes and mental and spiritual health as the foundation to well being. She has expertise in herbal medicine and the use of vitamins, and supplements, nutrition, mind-body medicine, health and spirituality and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.