Residency Tracks

Northgate     |      Harborview    |   Chelan Rural Training Track

NRMP Program Codes:
Family Medicine (Northgate Site): 1918120C0
Family Med/Harborview: 1918120C1
Chelan RTT: 1918120M0

The University of Washington Family Medicine Program matches residents in two distinct Seattle-based Family Medicine continuity clinic tracks (UWNC-Northgate and Harborview). In addition, we have a third option, our Chelan Rural Training Track. All of these tracks have separate match numbers. 

Tracks differ in the location of continuity clinic, the fundamental focus of the patient population and clinic practice style in which a resident trains. At the University of Washington Primary Clinic – Northgate, the patient population represents a traditional spectrum of ages, incomes, and ethnic backgrounds, in a setting that trains for modern family practice clinics. The Harborview track is specifically for training in care of the underserved in urban, highly ethnically diverse populations for residents anticipating working in community health centers. The overall educational curriculum is the same for residents in both tracks.

Our interview days allow applicants to go through a common application and interview process for both tracks. We will offer information for both family medicine tracks, so applicants do not need to decide prior to interviews which track is more suited to your individual interests. The tracks have separate match numbers and applicants can list either or both tracks on their match list in the order desired. We develop separate match lists for each track. We encourage you to contact us for more information if you are making decisions.

There is a separate interview process and interview days for the Chelan Rural Training Track. Chelan residents spend their intern year in Seattle at the Harborview Family Medicine Clinic, and then continue their training in Chelan WA, for their R2 and R3 years. To apply to our Chelan Rural Training Track in ERAS please search for University of Washington School of Medicine Rural Program with the NRMP Program Code 1918120C2.