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Harborview Medical Center

Harborview Family Medicine

In 1997, the University of Washington started a second family medicine residency continuity clinic site at Harborview Medical Center. Harborview is a 368 bed, urban, county-owned and University managed hospital in downtown Seattle that is nationally known for its world-class level 1 adult and pediatric trauma center serving four surrounding states, and its role as the most active safety net provider in the region. The addition of its Family Medicine Outpatient Clinic is central to the role of the hospital as a provider of diverse healthcare and its committment to provide continuity and high quality services to people of all racial and economic backgrounds.

Harborview’s strengths include a diverse patient population with about one-quarter Caucasian, one-quarter African-American, one-quarter East African including Somali and Ethiopian immigrants, and one-quarter a mix of Southeast Asian immigrants, Hispanics, and other minorities. Harborview provides in-depth experience with a rich and diverse population that requires a strong interest in and dedication to the care of urban underserved. While challenging, the rewards earned from this population are many. One gains a high level of cultural and societal awareness, while utilizing the most recent technological advances. Most importantly, the program prides itself in helping people who desperately need medical care, especially primary care.

Residency Program

The Harborview Family Medicine Track accepts two residents per year, and matching is via a different match number than the Northgate or Chelan RTT program. The Harborview residents do their continuity clinics at the Family Medicine Clinic in Harborview’s modern outpatient-focused “Patricia Steele Building”, just three blocks from the main Harborview Medical Center. Residents at both sites are generally assigned to the same required rotations, with exception to medicine rotations (Harborview residents at Harborview and Northgate residents at UW Medical Center or the VA). Didactic sessions, behavioral science support groups, and various social and educational events are part of the consolidated program.

More facts about Harborview Medical Center

  • Founded in 1877 as King County Hospital, a six-bed welfare hospital in a two-story south Seattle building
  • Largest single provider of AIDS care in King County
  • Only Level I adult and pediatric trauma and burn center in Washington, and also serves the states of Alaska, Idaho, and Montana.