PCOR Webinar Training Presentations

Patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) emphasizes patient-generated research priorities and outcomes, and engages patients throughout every stage of the research process. We developed a four-part webinar PCOR training program. This program was guided by a prior needs assessment we conducted among members of the Cystic Fibrosis community. This program is structured towards two learner groups: 1) patients/caregivers and 2) researchers/health care providers. PDFs of the trainings are available below. They are organized sequentially.


Training 1

Patient Centered Outcomes Research 101

for anyone who wants to participate in PCOR

This training includes the benefits and value of patient or caregiver partners participating on research teams, the core principles of PCOR and how to articulate PCOR findings to stakeholder communities.


Training 2

Research 101

for patient and caregiver partners

This training explains the fundamentals of research to an audience that is new to it. It includes a 25-minute asynchronous, self-directed learning seminar intended to be viewed before the subsequent interactive PCOR sessions.




Training 3

Participate In and Maintain a PCOR Team

for providers, researchers, patients and caregivers

This training includes how to create conditions for stakeholder partners to be active participants within a PCOR team, barriers to fully functional PCOR teams, and articulating potential solutions to address barriers to PCOR teams.


Training 4

Designing and Implementing a PCOR Study

for providers and researchers

This training includes information about identifying patients and caregivers to participate as partners in research, how to formulate research questions from patient-driven priorities, and how to write about ways stakeholder partners will be engaged in a grant application.