Continuously monitor progress and improve with experience.

Instructions: First, review each question and circle the description that best reflects your organization’s current status. Then, select the number that best reflects where you are within that description. There are three number options for each answer to allow you to select how far along you are. The higher the number, the further along you are in that domain. A PDF of this section of the assessment is here.

18. Monitoring progress 123 456 789 101112
A system to measure and monitor progress in opioid therapy practice change… …does not exist. …exists, including overall tracking goals, but regular tracking reports on specific objectives have not been produced. …is used to produce regular tracking reports on specific objectives. Leadership reviews are done occasionally, but not on a formal schedule. …has been fully implemented to measure and track progress on specific objectives. Leadership reviews progress reports regularly and adjustments and improvements are implemented.
19. Assessing and modifying 123 456 789 101112
Adjustments to achieve safer opioid prescribing based on monitoring data… …are not being made. …are occasionally made, but are limited in scope and consistency. …are often made and are usually timely. …are consistently made and are integrated in overall quality improvement strategies.