Develop policies and resources to ensure that patients who develop opioid use disorder and/or who need mental/behavioral health resources are identified and provided with appropriate care, either in the care setting or by outside referral.

16. Identifying complex patients 123 456 789 101112
Policies, clinic-selected screening tools, and workflows to identify opioid misuse, diversion, addiction, and to recognize mental/behavioral health needs… …do not exist. …partially exist. …exist, but are only partially implemented. …exist and are consistently implemented.
17. Behavioral health resources 123 456 789 101112
Mental/behavioral health services… …are difficult to obtain reliably. …are available from behavioral health specialists but aren’t timely or convenient. …are available from behavioral health specialists and are usually timely and convenient. …are readily available from behavioral health specialists who are onsite or who work in an organization that has a referral protocol or agreement with our practice setting.