Prospective Students

Apply Now! Thank you for your interest in the Underserved Pathway!

The Underserved Pathway helps prepare future physicians to care for vulnerable and underserved populations. It engages students in three educational avenues: mentoring, developing a foundation of knowledge, and a variety of real-world experiences. Students can customize their pathway to meet their own educational goals and interests. Some students may focus on a specific population or community, while others may explore broader issues surrounding the underserved, such as advocacy or policy.

It’s essential to start the longitudinal mentorship and curriculum as soon as possible, so please apply early in your medical school career. See the Enrollment Policy for more information.


Student Requirements

Policies and Deadlines


Annual Reports

Allana Hall – “Lake Marie” – Snowy Range, WY

Why Join the Underserved Pathway?

  • Preclinical, clinical, and service learning experiences with underserved populations and communities
  • Guidance and support from an Underserved Pathway mentor
  • Unique web-based curriculum not typically covered in medical school, a knowledge base about issues that affect underserved populations
  • Dedicated Underserved Pathway advisors, including faculty physicians
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other students interested in careers working with underserved populations
  • Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of Pathway requirements, given at graduation
  • Acknowledgment in the Hooding Ceremony program
  • Recognition in Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE/Dean’s Letter)




Still have questions? Please get in touch by emailing the Underserved Pathway Program Manager at