Student FAQ

General Pathway Information

What is the Underserved Pathway?
How does the Underserved Pathway track student requirements?
How much of my time will the pathway take?
Do I have to be interested in Family Medicine to participate in the pathway?
What recognition will I receive when I complete the pathway?
Can I participate in multiple pathways?
What if I decide to drop out of the pathway?
What if I decide that the pathway is not for me?

Applying to the Underserved Pathway

I am interested in completing the pathway. How do I sign up?
I filled out my Underserved Pathway application, now what?
Is there a competitive application process to join the Underserved Pathway or is everyone accepted?
What are the policies that limit when I can sign up?
Why should I consider starting the pathway in my first year?
Can second year students join the pathway?
Can third and fourth year students join the pathway?
What if I have expanded?
Can I join the pathway mid-year?


How will I be matched with a mentor? What if I have expanded?
Do you have a list of mentors?
How are mentors recruited?
Can I change my mentor?
What if my mentor and I do not get along?
I have tried to reach my mentor and he/she has not responded, what do I do?

Research and III Projects

I am a second year student. My III project had an underserved focus. How do I ensure I get credit for this experience?
I am second year student. My III project did not have an underserved focus. What do I need to do to fulfill this pathway requirement?
My III requirement was waived. What do I need to do to fulfill the III requirement for the Pathway?
I would like to take a course that’s not listed on the approved course list. How do I get the course I’m interested in approved for the pathway?
I am interested in a topic in underserved care that is not part of the core web curriculum. Can this topic be added?
Do I need a letter or other verification of my participation in community service?
What types of community service would be eligible to meet this pathway requirement?
How do I fill out the pathway tracker with the courses and experiences that I completed prior to joining the Pathway?
I am having difficulty completing one or more pathway requirements, what do I do?
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Mentor FAQ

What is the Underserved Pathway?
What is the purpose of mentoring in the Underserved Pathway?
What skills do I need as a mentor?
What are the qualities of a good mentor?
What is my role?
What can I expect from my student?
What is expected of me?
How much time will this take?
What support would I receive as a mentor?
How does mentoring benefit me?
What’s in it for my patients and community?
How do I get started mentoring my student?
How should I stay in touch?
What kinds of activities should I be doing with my mentee?
Are there any medical legal issues I need to consider?
What resources are available to help guide mentors in developing and maintaining a mentoring relationship?
How can I tell if my student is having difficulty?
What if I find that my student is experiencing personal or academic difficulty?
What if our mentoring relationship experiences difficulty?
What should I do if I need to stop mentoring?
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Faculty and staff are available to answer your questions about the program; please reach out at upath@uw.edu.