Scholarly Project: Independent Investigative Inquiry (III)

The Scholarly Project is most commonly completed as a III project. This project must involve an underserved topic. Underserved Pathway students may complete any of the Independent Investigative Inquiry (III) Selectives. However, III projects completed within the context of RUOP (Selective 3) or GHIP (Selective 5) automatically qualify for Underserved Pathway credit. If you did not complete RUOP or GHIP, get in touch with Underserved Pathway Program Manager about how you intend to complete this requirement.

If the School of Medicine waived your III requirement upon entry to medical school, get in touch with Underserved Pathway Program Manager to discuss fulfillment of this requirement. If the project that led to the waiver focused on issues affecting underserved populations, you may receive credit. Graduate-level capstone projects related to an underserved population will be considered. If your waived III did not involve a topic relevant to underserved populations or issues, the UPath Program Manager will work with you to design an alternative project to allow completion of this requirement. It is helpful to get started early on this, as your clinical years leave little time for completion of a research project. We recommend you complete this prior to starting clinical rotations.