Underserved-focus Scholarly Project

We highly recommend you complete this UP requirement prior to starting clinical rotations.

WATCH: recording of Scholarly Project Q&A from 12/7/23 (duration: 33 minutes 24 seconds)

Option 1:
Complete your Independent Investigative Inquiry (III) project within the context of RUOP, GHIP, or the UW Medical Student Addiction Research (MedStAR) training program. The majority of UP scholars fulfill this requirement with this option. No pre-approval necessary.

Option 2:
Develop a health equity advocacy project and write an adjacent paper. Most advocacy projects are developed in conjunction with a community partner. The paper includes background information including evidence showing a need for the project, methods and approach, results, and reflection. Pre-approval by the UP Team is required — see details below.

Option 3:
Do you have another idea for scholarly work/research related to under-resourced and marginalized patients? Let’s talk about how to join your underserved and health equity interests and curiosities and how we can support and connect you. Reach out to upath@uw.edu as soon as possible to set up a time to discuss your ideas. Pre-approval by the UP Team is required — see details below.

Pre-approval and other student support
Before beginning your project (options 2 and 3 above), send your detailed proposal to the Underserved Pathway Program Manager at upath@uw.edu  for pre-approval (see relevant deadlines here.) It is important to get started early on this, as your clinical years leave little time for completion of a research project.

The UP Team is here to support you. We would love to help you brainstorm and connect you with folks across WWAMI. Reach out at upath@uw.edu.

The Family Medicine research section is robust — you may find an opportunity for interesting scholarly work; check out the opportunities at https://familymedicine.uw.edu/research/ Other departments may also have opportunities for student involvement in research.

Note: If the School of Medicine waived your III requirement upon entry to medical school, get in touch with Underserved Pathway Program Manager upath@uw.edu to discuss fulfillment of this requirement.