The Underserved Pathway mentorship is a longitudinal relationship to support students’ interest and commitment to caring for people who are underserved. Working with a mentor provides early and regular exposure to practicing physicians or other health care professionals who can offer valuable insights into what it is like to care for underserved populations. Students are required to schedule and meet with their mentor once per quarter or a minimum of four meetings per year. Meetings can occur via in-person, by phone, web-based conferencing, or e-mail. The  complete Pathway Mentorship Policy can be found here.

Underserved Pathway mentors are health care providers from across the WWAMI region who are involved in the care of underserved populations in a variety of capacities. These mentors are there to answer questions, provide advice, and to support students through their education and professional development. 

MS2 mentoring roadmap Check out our Underserved Pathway Mentor Roadmap — suggestions for discussion topics with your mentor for all four years of medical school, with a few reminders about Pathway deadlines!