Which Physician Assistant Training Programs Produce Rural Physician Assistants? A National Study


Physician assistants (PAs) are an important part of the rural health workforce, and their roles are expected to grow. While PAs are more evenly distributed across the rural-urban continuum than physicians, long-term trends of medical specialization, increasing cost of training, and demographic change in the PA workforce have contributed toward decreasing PA participation in rural and primary care. This study will identify the PA training programs that are most successful at producing graduates who practice in rural areas, focusing particularly on PAs who graduated from training in the past ten years. Funded by HRSA’s Office of Rural Health Policy.






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Larson EH, Andrilla CHA, Morrison C, Ostergard SJ, Glicken A Which physician assistant training programs produce rural PAs? A national study PUBLICATION 02-01-2016
Policy Brief #154
Larson EH, Morrison C, Andrilla CHA, Ostergard S Which physician assistant programs produce rural physician assistants? PRESENTATION 03-01-2014