What Makes Physician Assistant Programs Successful at Training Rural PAs?


This study builds on a previous WWAMI RHRC study that identified the physician assistant (PA) training programs that have produced high numbers and high proportions of graduates working in rural areas. This study will extend that work through a physician assistant program survey, identifying key characteristics, admission and training strategies, and missions of successful rural programs.






Authors Title Type Date Documents/Media
Larson EH, Coulthard C, Andrilla CHA What Makes Physician Assistant Training Programs Successful at Training Rural PAs? PUBLICATION 06-01-2018
Policy Brief #164
Larson EH, Andrilla CHA, Coulthard C What makes physician assistant training programs successful at training rural PAs? PRESENTATION 05-16-2016
Larson EH, Andrilla CH, Coulthard C What Makes PA Programs Successful at Training Rural PAs? PRESENTATION 03-17-2016