State Rural Health Workforce Monograph


The uneven distribution of health care providers across rural and urban areas of the United States continues to impede access to care for millions of rural residents. This book profiles that workforce with comparisons of the supply of health professionals across the 50 states and within the rural areas of each state. In addition to individual state workforce profiles, the book includes discussion of key policy and methodological issues in workforce analysis. The data and analysis show that the nature and magnitude of rural health workforce problems vary substantially both across states and within them, suggesting the dangers of “one-size-fits-all” policy solutions. This book provides a picture of the rural health workforce that will serve analysts and policy makers well as they search for workable solutions to the problem of inadequate supply of health care providers in rural America. Funded by HRSA’s FORHP.






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Larson EH, Johnson KE, Norris TE, Lishner DM, Rosenblatt RA, Hart LG State of the health workforce in rural America: profiles and comparisons PUBLICATION 01-01-2003
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