Health Care Reform Policy Briefs on Rural Health Workforce Issues


Since 2009, the WWAMI RHRC has carried out several rapid-turnaround analyses of rural issues related to health care reform. The published products of these analyses have been posted to the WWAMI RHRC Web site.






Authors Title Type Date Documents/Media
Doescher MP, Keppel GA, Skillman SM Policy brief: the crisis in rural dentistry PUBLICATION 04-01-2009
Policy brief
Doescher MP, Skillman SM, Rosenblatt RA Policy brief: the crisis in rural primary care PUBLICATION 04-02-2009
Policy brief
Doescher MP, Lynge DC, Skillman SM Policy brief: the crisis in rural general surgery PUBLICATION 04-04-2009
Policy brief
Skillman SM, Doescher MP, Rosenblatt RA Policy brief: threats to the future supply of rural registered nurses PUBLICATION 04-03-2009
Policy brief
Doescher MP Primary care in rural America: can the crisis be solved? PRESENTATION 11-17-2010
Doescher MP Informing rural primary care workforce policy: what does the evidence tell us? PRESENTATION 09-30-2010
Doescher MP Can health care reform resuscitate rural primary care in our region? PRESENTATION 03-24-2010