Wyoming physicians are significant providers of safety net care

  • Abstract

    Background: This study describes the contributions of family and general practice physicians from Wyoming
    to the health care safety net.
    Methods: We surveyed family and general practice physicians in Wyoming about provider demographics,
    practice composition, and policies for treating the underinsured or uninsured. Two-tailed 2
    tests and limited logistic regressions were used to test for differences among characteristics of safety
    net providers.
    Results: From a 50% response rate, 61% made less than the national mean family physician income
    ($130,000), and women are less likely than men to make this mean income, even when controlling for
    hours worked (OR, 0.09; CI, 0.009, 0.862). Close to two thirds claimed bad debt of over $10,000, and
    29.3% noted forgiven debt of over $10,000. Physicians with less income than the prior year were more
    likely to decrease their charity care.
    Conclusions: Wyoming family and general practice physicians provide significant amounts of informal
    safety net care, which is threatened by income loss. Thoughtful public policy is needed to ensure
    that vulnerable rural Americans have access to care that is not tied to the financial well being of their
    health care providers. ( J Am Board Fam Pract 2005;18:470 –7.)

  • Authors:

    Dobie SA, Hagopian A, Kirlin BA, Hart LG

  • Journal/Publisher:

    J Am Board Fam Pract

  • Edition:

    Nov 2005. 18(6):470-477

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    Access the article here: J Am Board Fam Pract

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    Dobie SA, Hagopian A, Kirlin BA, Hart LG. Wyoming Physicians Are Significant Providers Of Safety Net Care. J Am Board Fam Pract. Nov 2005 18(6):470-477

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