Patients requiring at least five admissions in 1 year. Data from Washington State

  • Abstract

    Concern about rising health expenditures has fostered interest in patients who are frequent users of medical care, who were labeled “high utilizers” as early as 1959.  Because of the high cost of inpatient services, subsequent research has generally focused on patients with frequent hospital admissions.  Recent investigations have examined multiple admission in selected patient populations, including newborns, psychiatric patients, and Medicare beneficiaries.  However, the characteristics of patients with multiple admissions have not been described among unselected populations.  In this investigation, we report on multiple admissions among the general population of Washington state and focus on those patients requiring at least five admissions in 1 year.

  • Authors:

    Welch HG, Larson EH

  • Journal/Publisher:

    Med Care

  • Edition:

    Jun 1991. 29(6):578-582

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    Access the article here: Med Care

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    Welch HG, Larson EH. Patients Requiring At Least Five Admissions In 1 Year. Data From Washington State. Med Care. Jun 1991 29(6):578-582

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