Most rural towns lost physicians after their hospitals closed

  • Abstract

    Between 1980 and 1988,132 rural hospitals closed, and left their towns with no general hospital. Most of those towns also lost physicians, and 19 were left with no physicians 2 years after closure. The smaller, more remote towns had few physicians to begin with and were more likely than larger towns to lose physicians along with their hospitals.

  • Authors:

    Hart LG, Pirani MJ, Rosenblatt RA

  • Journal/Publisher:

    Rural Development Perspectives

  • Edition:

    Oct 1994. 10(Oct):17-21

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    Access the article here: Rural Development Perspectives

  • Citation:

    Hart LG, Pirani MJ, Rosenblatt RA. Most Rural Towns Lost Physicians After Their Hospitals Closed. Rural Development Perspectives. Oct 1994 10(Oct):17-21

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