Is Being There Enough? Postgraduate Nurse Practitioner Residencies in Rural Primary Care

  • Abstract

    Little research has been conducted on the outcomes of postgraduate nurse practitioner (NP) programs (referred to as residencies), particularly those located in rural communities. This study examined the purpose and characteristics of rural NP residencies that aim to promote the successful recruitment, transition, and retention of NPs in rural primary care practice.

  • Authors:

    Kaplan L, Pollack SM, Skillman SM, Patterson DG

  • Journal/Publisher:

    J Rural Health

  • Edition:

    Nov 2022.

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    Access the article here: J Rural Health

  • Citation:

    Kaplan L, Pollack SW, Skillman SM, Patterson DG. Is being there enough? Postgraduate nurse practitioner residencies in rural primary care. J Rural Health. Preprint posted online November 28, 2022.