Reproductive and Womens Health

Contact information:

Emily Godfrey, MD

Research Team:

Morhaf Al Achkar, Ian M Bennett, Anna Fiastro, Emily Godfrey, Molly Ruben, Grace Shih and Ying Zhang



The practice of family medicine is guided by principles related to giving access for persons of all backgrounds, regardless of life circumstances. This makes family physicians critical players in meeting the need for family planning services in the United States. Family medicine clinics and physicians are often the only source of care in rural and underserved areas. This is especially important given that most abortion services are concentrated in cities and almost 90% of counties in the U.S. lack an abortion provider. In addition, evidence suggests that approximately 70% of female patients aged 18-44 years seen by family physicians have two or more chronic medical or mental health conditions, making family medicine critical players in providing family planning services to medically complex patients of reproductive age. Our research addresses innovative ways to increase access to abortion and quality contraceptive care. We also evaluate the safety and efficacy of contraception among women with complex medical conditions, focusing on cystic fibrosis. In keeping with the family medicine tenets of patient-centered care, many of our research teams include patient- and community-partners as integral members.