Pre-Clinical Experience Requirements

Students meet this requirement a few ways:

  • RUOP: Rural Underserved Opportunities Program
  • GHIP: Global Health Immersion Program
  • See this page for more information on RUOP and GHIP
  • PCP: Primary Care Practicum (only if at an underserved site)
  • Preclinical preceptorships in an underserved setting: these preceptorships may be completed in any department and may be approved for Underserved Pathway credit as long as they are completed in an underserved setting. Check with each department for more information on their preceptorship options in underserved settings. Please email for pre-approval of your preceptorship if you would like it to satisfy this pathway requirement.
  • If none of the above apply, you can meet this requirement by completing an additional 4 credits (2 weeks) of clerkship time above the required 12 credits (6 weeks) of clerkship in an underserved site.