Coping through Contributing


Topic Description
Support for different groups and volunteering opportunities page with a wide range of general COVID resources, as well as resources for vulnerable populations and volunteering/community fundraising opportunities community donation volunteering
Washington Food Fund WA Food fund supports food banks across WA state community donation volunteering
Seattle Times resources for ways to help Seattle Times' comprehensive list of ways to donate or volunteer, and organizations that help you check charity backgrounds before you donate community donation volunteering
Other ways to help in Washington state Volunteering and community efforts information from Washington State government page community donation volunteering
Other donation and volunteer opportunities in Seattle Volunteering and donation information from community donation volunteering
Donating to food banks around Seattle Food donation information from community donation food banks
How to Address Ageism during COVID-19 Tips for addressing ageism in care with patients and families of older adults from the American Psychological Association front-line older adults patients
UW Medicine COVID-19 Support Website UW Medicine's COVID-19 support website of resources support