Increasing Access to Doulas to Support a Diverse Population


This study will describe the scope of practice of doulas in the US and how healthcare organizations can invest in doula workforce development to increase access to doula services for underserved populations.
Lead Researcher: Marieke van Eijk, PhD
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HRSA: HWRC Health Equity






Authors Title Type Date Documents/Media
van Eijk MS, Kett PM, Prueher L, Frogner BK, Guenther GA Addressing systemic racism in birth doula services to reduce health inequities in the United States. PUBLICATION 02-02-2022 Article
Guenther G, Kett P Addressing Systemic Racism in Birth Doula Services to Improve Health PRESENTATION 06-15-2021
Guenther G, Kett P Addressing Systemic Racism to Improve Health Through Birth Doula Services PRESENTATION 05-06-2021