Addressing systemic racism in birth doula services to reduce health inequities in the United States.

  • Abstract

    Birth doulas support pregnant people during the perinatal period. Evidence of doulas’ positive impacts on pregnancy and birth outcomes, particularly among underserved populations, supports expanding access. However, health workforce-related barriers challenge the development of robust doula services in the United States. This study examined the various approaches organizations have taken to train, recruit, and employ doulas as well as their perspectives on what system-level changes are needed to redress health inequities in underserved communities and expand access to birth doula services.

  • Authors:

    van Eijk MS, Kett PM, Prueher L, Frogner BK, Guenther GA

  • Journal/Publisher:

    Health Equity

  • Edition:

    Feb 2022.

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    Access the article here: Health Equity

  • Citation:

    van Eijk MS, Kett PM, Prueher L, Frogner BK, Guenther GA. Addressing Systemic Racism In Birth Doula Services To Reduce Health Inequities In The United States. Health Equity. Feb 2022

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