UW scores big with efforts to train dentists for rural areas

Bringing health care to rural and underserved populations in Washington and the region at large [...]

Med students given a taste of rural life will likely return

UW med school alumni were twice as likely to practice in rural areas if they trained at [...]

2022 Annual Report of Health Workforce Research Center Activities

The Health Workforce Research Centers (HWRCs) funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration have [...]

Statewide Access to Dental Therapists Promoted by Swinomish Tribal Community

The Swinomish Indian Tribal Community continues to promote statewide dental therapist practice to the 2023 [...]

UW CHWS’ research informs Washington Health Workforce Council reports to the Governor and Legislature

UW CHWS findings from the Washington Health Workforce Sentinel Network informed, and were summarized in, [...]

Webinar: Improving Access to Oral Health Care for Rural, Tribal and Underserved Communities

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A Vital Discussion of Access to Care in Washington State

How do we tackle barriers to health care and improve health equity? These vital questions [...]

The October 2022 CHWS Newsletter is out now!

Health workforce policy is making headlines as health care employers around the country struggle to [...]

Physician Supply Reports from 5 States

Five reports on the 2021 physician workforce across the WWAMI states of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, [...]