Crosscut article features interview with UW CHWS researcher Paula Kett on the important role of doulas in health equity


UW CHWS research scientist, Paula Kett, PhD, MPH, RN was interviewed as part of an investigative report in Crosscut on the important role doulas play in advancing perinatal equity through their work supporting parents in navigating pregnancy, childbirth, and life with a newborn. Dr. Kett shared the results of a study she and colleagues published in Health Equity in 2022, which investigates the affordability, accessibility, and content of doula training and expansion of doula services as part of addressing systemic racism in perinatal care. . The study looked at how community-based organizations and larger health systems have worked to recruit, train, and employ doulas and sought their thoughts on systemic changes necessary to confront health inequities and make doulas more accessible.