Patient Care

The sports medicine physicians in the Department of Family Medicine practice at the state of the art Sports Medicine Center at Husky Stadium.  The University of Washington Stadium Sports Medicine Clinic is dedicated to the performance of athletes of all ages and to the importance of exercise and physical activity for long-term health. We provide interdisciplinary state-of-the-art care to allow patients to pursue, maintain, or regain an active lifestyle. As part of an academic medical center, we educate and train physicians in the comprehensive sports medicine care and conduct cutting-edge clinical research to offer our patients the most up to date care available.
The Sports Medicine Center at Husky Stadium is home to primary care sports medicine physicians, sports orthopedists, physiatrists with special expertise in sports medicine and on-site musculoskeletal radiology. In addition, there is a large cutting-edge physical therapy clinic located within the Sports Medicine Center allowing doctors and physical therapist to coordinate care plans and achieve optimal results for our patients. We see patients of all ages and ability levels who want to remain active and competing.
The Sports Medicine Center at Husky Stadium is also home to the Center for Sports Cardiology. Advanced heart screening, sports physicals with advanced heart screening, evaluation of cardiovascular symptoms such as passing out or chest pain in athletes and sports performance testing are all offered.
The sports physicians at the Stadium Clinic utilize the latest technology to ensure a rapid return to sport or activity.   Not only is there on-site x-ray but there are five musculoskeletal ultrasound machines which allow immediate imaging and diagnosis of many problems as well as ensuring injections are placed accurately.   Advanced treatments such as autologous blood injections, platelet rich plasma, hydrodissection and Tenex are offered. Click here to see Family Medicine Providers at the Sports Medicine Center.
If you would like to make an appointment with one of our Sports Medicine physicians please contact us at 598-DAWG (3294) option 8.
Directions to the Sports Medicine Center at Husky Stadium