• When are applications due?
    October 15th, 2024.
  • Who will be considered for acceptance?
    U.S. Family medicine physicians who are Board-Certified or Board-Eligible.
  • Is the Fellowship ACGME-accredited?
    No. (There are no ACGME-accredited fellowships in global health.)
  • How many Fellows each year do you accept?
  • When are applicants notified regarding acceptance?
    November 30th, 2024.
  • What will the academic title of the Fellow be?
    The Fellow will be a Senior Fellow and Acting Instructor within UW’s Dept. of Family Medicine.
  • Will the Fellow have a continuity clinic?
    Yes.  The Fellow is scheduled for four half-days of clinic and one half-day of precepting (serving as consultant for residents) each week.
  • What clinical opportunities during the Fellowship are available?
    Local TB, HIV, ID, and Family Medicine clinics that serve low-resource populations including refugee and immigrant populations are available (at some, serving as provider; at some, shadowing provider only).
  • How much time can the Fellow spend outside of Seattle?
    The Fellow may spend up to two months away for clinical and/or research activities.
  • Are formal courses during Fellowship available?
    Yes.  A one-month global health leadership course, as well as other courses, are available through the Department of Global Health at UW.
  • What salary will the Fellow receive?
    Salary will be that of a Senior Fellow. The current salary is $85,000/year.
  • What benefits are included?
    The Fellow will have the benefits as per the rank of Senior Fellow; these are summarized on the UW benefits site, and include medical and dental insurance, three weeks paid vacation, one week paid CME, and $4,000 for CME.
  • When was the Fellowship founded?
    Our first Fellow began August 1st, 2012