Health Workforce Studies

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Bianca Frogner, PhD
Sue Skillman, MS



The health workforce is the backbone of any health care delivery system. Our research group houses three federally funded centers conducting quality research necessary to develop a strong and quality health workforce in the US:  

1) Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS),  

2) WWAMI Rural Health Research Center (WWAMI RHRC), and  

3) The Collaborative for Rural Primary care Research, Education, and Practice (Rural PREP) 

In addition, our group conducts collaborative research with other organizations across the nation on topics such as enhancing primary care training, workforce shortages, models of team-based care, allied health professions, behavioral health workforce, and workforce diversity. Our group also provides technical assistance to governmental agencies involved in workforce planning.   


Selected Current Projects 

  • CHWS Health Workforce Research Center on Allied Health 
    • Assessing the Size and Scope of the Pharmacist Workforce in the U.S. 
    • How are Allied Health Workers Being Deployed During COVID-19? 
    • Occupational Therapists as part of the Behavioral Health Workforce 
  • CHWS Health Workforce Research Center on Health Equity 
    • What is Being Done to Prepare the Rural Health Workforce for COVID-19? 
    • Disability Competency Training in Medical Education 
    • The Potential Burden of Being Underrepresented in Health Professional Programs 
  • Washington State Sentinel Network 
  • Washington State Behavioral Health Workforce Assessment, 2019-2020 
    • What Is the Geographic Distribution of the Workforce with a DEA Waiver to Prescribe Buprenorphine? 
    • The Distribution of the General Surgery Workforce in Rural America: 2020 
    • Are Family Physicians Trained in Small Rural Residencies of Comparable Quality to Family Physicians Overall? 
    • Routes to Rural Readiness: Enhancing Clinical Training Experiences for Physician Assistants 


Research Team 

Holly Andrilla 

Arati Dahal 

Ben Dunlap 

Grace Guenther 

Andrew Jopson 

Eric Larson  

Natalia Oster 

Davis Patterson 

Samantha Pollack 

Malaika Schwartz 

Benjamin Stubbs